In 2016, the market value of activated carbon in Europe was 846.99 million U.S. dollars, estimated to be 841.96 million U.S. dollars by 2022



In terms of revenue, the market value of European activated carbon in 2016 was 848.99 million U.S. dollars, estimated to be 841.96 million U.S. dollars by 2022. According to the sales volume, the output of activated carbon in 2016 will be about 340.5 tons and is expected to reach 401.7 tons by 2022.

France is Europe’s leading consumer of activated carbon. In 2016, sales volume was 75.8 tonnes, accounting for 22.26% of the total, followed by the UK, with a market share of 19.12%. Germany and Benelux are also leading consumers with relative market share of 18.06% and 12.69% respectively in 2016.

Cabot Carbon, Cabot, CECA, Jacobi Carbons (Osaka GAS), Calgon Carbon is the leading producer of activated carbon in the European market with a sales market share of 12.22% in 2016. The top four companies accounted for 42.26% of the 2015 market share.

The food and beverage market occupies the largest market, accounting for about 30.72% of the global consumption of activated carbon in 2016. In addition, the CAGR of 2017-2022 is expected to be 2.49%, of which 27.69% is for activated carbon. In terms of market, industrial production is the second largest market for applications in 2016, and consumption from 2017 to 2022 is expected to be 3.32 CAGR growth.

Affected by raw materials, market competition and economic situation, the price of activated carbon dropped from US $ 3,013 / tonne in 2011 to US $ 2,487 / tonne in 2015. In the next few years, we expect the price will continue to rise and fall. As competition intensifies, the price gap between different brands will narrow.

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