By the end of 2021, the global market for X-ray irradiators will be as high as 37 million U.S. dollars and the output may reach 235


Globally, the market for X-ray irradiators is less concentrated as X-ray irradiator manufacturing technology matures. Companies such as Precision X-Ray, Faxitron and Xstrahl are well-known for their performance of X-ray irradiators and related services. In the meantime, North America accounted for 64% of revenue market share in 2017, which is significant in the global X-ray irradiator industry due to its market share and technical status of X-ray irradiators.

The consumption of X-ray irradiators is related to downstream industries and the global economy. Due to some uncertainties in the global economy in the coming years, the X-ray irradiator industry may not grow so fast. But what is certain is that the market for X-ray irradiators is still promising.

As a result of technological developments, average product prices have declined over the past few years and the average price will trend in the coming years due to the maturation of manufacturing techniques and raw material costs.

The impact of the cost and availability of raw materials and certain components is uncertain due to potential supply changes. The cost of raw materials has a significant impact on the cost level. If prices of raw materials such as energy prices rise, if the new company can not pass on price increases to customers, the operating results and financial position will be affected.

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