At the end of 2022, the global timing belt market value will reach 3.16 billion US dollars


Timing belt is a synthetic rubber belt, which reinforced with fiber cords. It is a ribbed belt placed in a specific configuration along one side of automobile engine to keep crank and camshafts timed properly. When the engine is on, the crankshaft converts linear energy from the pistons into rotational energy. The rotating wheel drives the timing belt and eventually the timing belt drives the two camshaft opens and closes the engine’s valves to allow   air and gas in and out of the engine. If the timing belt does not work well, the pistons and valves may collide, so drivers should replace timing belt regularly.

Due to the wide application, timing belt market developed steadily in recent years. The global Timing Belt market was valued at 2.65 billion USD in 2016 and is expected to reach 3.16 million USD by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR of 3% between 2016 and 2022. Increase in vehicle production and rising adoption of direct injection is driving the growth of the timing belt market.

At present, there are a mass of manufacturers in the market. Leading five companies in the market are Gates, Continental, BANDO, DAYCO and Tsubakimoto, together occupying about 40% market share in 2016. Other major manufacturers in the market are Forbo, Hutchinson, OPTIBELT, Bosch, Mitsuboshi, Timken, Schaeffler, Habasit, ACDelco, SKF, Megadyne, Federal-Mogul, Wuxi Belt, DRB, Ningbo Jiebao, Shanghai Wutong, Ningbo Fulong and Zhejiang Kaiou etc.

As downstream demand grows and technical barriers become less, there will be a huge market space for timing belt. To grab more market, the little companies have to expand the technology, capital investment and brand influence. To meet the challenge of new entrants and keep their leading stage, leading companies need to increase the technology innovation and speed up the product upgrading. In the future, timing belt market will still be a market of fierce competition.In order to feed the changing technical requirements, timing belt manufacturers need to pay attention to the technical innovation. In future, high quality and long life will be the technology trends of timing belt.

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