Indonesian chicken flu vaccine production was 300 million in 2017, while sales reached 1.3 billion


In 2017, the total amount of chickens raised in Indonesia was 3.96 billion, of which 3.74 billion were broiler slaughts and 223 million were hatcheries. In 2017, Indonesia’s bird flu vaccine sales were 1.139 billion. In Indonesia, 20% of the chickens are free-range chickens. However, the chickens breeding market in Indonesia is relatively concentrated. The top 10 farms account for nearly 60% of the country’s livestock production.

Chicken flu vaccine products are mainly two types: H5 type, H9 type and other types. Among them, H5 is the most important vaccine.

In recent years, the chicken flu vaccine market in Indonesia has been developing rapidly, with an average growth rate of around 9%. In 2017, the production of chicken flu vaccines in Indonesia was 300 million, while the sales volume reached 1.3 billion.

In the Indonesian market, supply is less than demand. The current chicken flu vaccine is basically imported products, products imported from China in Indonesia occupy a large market share. However, we believe that with the further development of the Indonesian market, foreign companies are already preparing to set up factories to produce bird flu vaccine in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the price of chicken flu vaccine has been declining due to the economic environment of the chicken flu vaccine and the increase of output of domestic enterprises as well as the increase of market share. The selling price has dropped from 10.8 yuan / 1000 feathers in 2012 to 10 U.S. yuan / Copies We expect the prices will continue to decline in the next few years as Indonesia’s domestic manufacturers grow bigger and stronger.

Java island is Indonesia’s main consumer area, sales accounted for 57% of the national total, Sumatra is the second largest market, sales accounted for 29% of the national total.

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