It is predicted that global barite consumption will reach 6,338 kt in 2023, and the price will increase to US$ 86/ton.


Barite is an important mine resource, which is mainly used in drilling industry (Rig). Barite reserve is distributed in China, India and Morocco. China is a leading barite resource distribution region and barite production region. In China, barite resource is distributed in Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan province. China has many barite suppliers and market concentration is low. India own the second largest barite resource. In India, Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development is a leading company.

Barite have many different applications, including drilling industry (rig), medical industry, rubber & plastics, pulps and papers, paints and coatings and cosmetic industry. Drilling industry (rig) is the largest consumption field. During 2012-2016, drilling industry (rig) consumed barite varied from 8264.1 K MT in 2012 to 6107.8 K MT in 2016, with an average decrease rate of 7.28%. Affected by oil & gas industry, drilling industry consumed barite tend to decrease.

Global major production regions are China and India. In 2016, China produced 2771.1 K MT barite and India produced 1101.6 K MT. China and India are two major exporting countries. Meanwhile, USA is a major importing region. In 2016, USA consumed 1450.3 K MT, which have produced only 422.6 K MT. During 2012- 2016, USA consumption decreased from 3430.3 K MT in 2012 to 1450.3 K MT in 2016, which have great impaction on global total consumption.

During past five years, global total consumption decreased from 9220.3 K MT in 2012 to 6882.6 K MT in 2017, with an average decreased rate of 5.68%. Barite price increased firstly from 69 USD/MT in 2012 to 74 USD/MT in 2013, and then decreased in 2013. Since 2014, barite price kept increasing. Currently, barite average price is about 77 USD/MT.

In the future, we predict that global consumption will keep decreasing. By 2023, global consumption will be 6338 K MT. Barite price will increase to 86 USD/MT by 2023.

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